Pizza oven
Is designed for pizza preparation as well as for baking lahmajo, khachapuri and other bakery pruducts. Temperature up to 450°:

Available dimensions

1. 890*810*440mm single deck
2. 890*810*770mm double deck
3. 1190*810*4400mm single deck
4. 1190*810*770mm double deck
5. 1190*1100*440mm single deck

Refractory stone backing surface.
Internal illumination.
Temperature of each backing chamber is controlled by
heating elements situated on the top and the bottom of the chamber.

Available in 380v. power.
Compact pizza oven P 621
Outer Dim: 885x735x440 mm
Inner Dim: 620x620x140 mm
Power: 5 Kw / 2 NAC 230 V
Weight: 77 kg
Compact pizza oven P 622
Outer Dim: 885x735x705 mm
Inner Dim: 620x620x140 mm
Power: 10 Kw / 3NAC 400 V
Weigh: 125 kg
Compact pizza oven P 926
Outer Dim: 1210x820x440 mm
Inner Dim: 920x620x140 mm
Power: 6 Kw / 3 NAC 400 V
Weight: 110 kg
Compact pizza oven P 926 D
Outer Dim: 1210x820x770mm
Inner Dim: 920x620x140mm
Power: 12 Kw/ 3NAC 400 V
Weight: 158 kg
Prestige Pizza Oven PR 702
Outer Dim: 1100x860x690mm
Inner Dim: 700x680x140mm
Power : 10 Kw / 3NAC 400V
Weight: 144 kg
Pizza Oven Prestige PR 902
Outer Dim: 1320x810x690mm
Inner Dim: 920x620x140mm
Tray Capacity: 25cm 6+6
Power: 12 Kw / 3NAC 400V
Weight: 171 kg
Bakery oven
Is designed for the preparation of pizza, bread and different
pastry products. The oven has separate heat controls.
Is produced either with stand or with fermentation cabinet.
Reaches the temperature of up to 400°.
Available dimensions (external)
1. 1660*1140*480 single deck
2. 1485*1040*480 single deck
3. 1240*1140*480 single deck
4. 1660*1140*820 double deck
5. 1485*1040*820 double deck
6. 1240*1140*820 double deck
Model FX101E3C
Outside dimensions (mm) 920x901x1030
Cooking chamber dim. (mm) 645x650x755
Capacity in GN containers 10x1/1
Power kW 17,3
Electrical connection 400V 3N 50-60 Hz
Manufactured in Italy
Disigned by Studio24 Copyright 2011